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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Tula Pink

In March we will be celebrating Tula Pink as part of our Designer Spotlight program.  Stay tuned for some great blogs and don't forget to check our Facebook page and YouTube channel for more great stuff about Tula!

Tula Pink graduated from Otis College of Art and Design, with degrees in both Graphic Design and Illustration. After working briefly as a senior exhibit designer for two major Los Angeles Museums, Tula realized her life had become a bit too quiet and set out in search of something louder. She found the noise she was looking for in the booming L.A. music industry.

After 6 years of Metal, Hip Hop, skulls and chains her ears began to bleed so she left California in search of a new home. The plan was to move as far east as she could, without renting a boat and work her way back west until she found a place. Today, Tula lives and works in a converted early 19th century brick carriage house. What was once home to a plethora of animals now serves as a studio in which they are reimagined and reinterpreted into colorful animal based fabrics. Tula's passion in life is fabric design. Through all the moving and mind changing, one thing remained certain: her love for fabric and sewing. She designed her first fabric collection in her living room, dedicating time after work and on weekends. A few years and several wonderful collections later, Tula now works with FreeSpirit Fabrics designing not just for quilting but for a whole lifestyle of DIY-ers. Seeing her name on that selvage was the only thing that had been missing from her professional life. So here she sits, an exiled rock princess on a throne of bolts and bobbins just waiting for someone to come along so she can show them what she's made of.
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Did You Know… 10 Facts about Anna Maria Horner

Did You Know… 10 Facts about Anna Maria Horner

1) I once based a colorway of fabric on the shades of hair in a group of punk kids I was walking behind on the street.

2) I hand printed yards of fabric with potatoes in high school and turned it in instead of a final paining project because I wanted to make clothes from my own fabric instead of painting. 

3) I got an A.

4) I still talk to my high school art teacher regularly.

5) I was born in Chicago on July 31 on what my mother referred to as the hottest day she had ever experienced.

6) I drink very strong, very black, very hot black coffee every morning

7) My ipod for running is filled with Radiohead, White Stripes, Racontours, Jack White (notice a theme?), Ben Harper, Black keys and Prince

8) When Jeff and I got married I wasn't legally old enough to drink alcohol.

9) I enjoyed plenty of wine at my wedding.

10) I know many Miranda Sings videos by heart because my kids reenact for me at dinner almost daily.

Tell us if you share any of these facts with Anna to be entered into win 10 yards of fabric from her new Folk Song collection!

Winner will be chosen at random on March 10th!
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Anna Maria Horner Folk Song Collection & FREE projects

Anna Maria Horner shares in her own words her inspiration behind her newest collection Folk Song.

Answering some very earnest enthusiasm for two beloved collections, I am so pleased to re-introduce favorite prints from Good Folks and Little Folks in an assortment that I named Folk Song. The harmonious gathering of these two print collections also inspired a reworking of the Square Dance panel print into a new feature floral called Minor Chords. Folk Song is an essential fourteen-piece collection all printed on FreeSpirit's smooth and illustrative quilting cotton- a very exciting change for the Little Folks prints that were originally available only as cotton voile. The color-saturated yet sweet style of this group is punctuated with my signature palette and hand-drawn style, making these prints a keepsake ingredient in endless handmade items for generations to come.

Visit our site to view the entire Folk Song collection

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Anna Maria Horner on YouTube!

Learn more about Anna Maria Horner as she shares her inspiration and insights into her fabric collections!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Designer Spotlight - Anna Maria Horner

NEW from FreeSpirit!  Each month we will be highlighting one of our amazing FreeSpirit designers using video, photography, infographs and a profile that includes our “Did You Know… 10 Facts about our FreeSpirit Designer”.  This month we are celebrating Anna Maria Horner!  Anna's newest collection, Folk Song, is hitting stores this month!  

To many the Anna Maria brand means color & inspiration in the form of craft, sewing, 
needlework, books, and friendly how-to. Since 2006 her ever-growing library of fabrics has delighted and adorned creative souls around the globe. She has been the face (or rather the hands as she likes to think) of Janome Sewing Machines since 2011.  As of 2014 Anna Maria is also the founder and proprietor of Nashville's Craft South.  Craft South will open the doors to its permanent location in the Spring of 2015.

There have been varied stops on her path to here, but a common element in all of her work, whether fashion, quilting or fine art, is a passion for the language of color. She continued to realize her point of view in many disciplines and they began to form a dialogue, one bettering the other- promoting growth in her design range. Somewhere around 2001, her fascination with taking an idea through all the necessary steps from her sketchbook to a store shelf sparked the momentum to create a brand. Anna Maria's fresh perspectives within traditional markets and her vision of being surrounded by the work of her own hands has led her to partnering with dozens of manufacturers to design homewares, gift items, textiles, authoring three sewing books, and publishing a continuing collection of sewing and needlework patterns. In recent years her focus has intensified in the craft and creative industry where her heart has always been.

Anna Maria and her husband, Jeff, make their home on a rambling and not overly maintained two acres of happiness in Nashville. Their seven children range in age from 19mos to 23. Together they embrace both the charming wonders and the imperfect moments of raising a large family. She is inspired daily by the spontaneity and tempo of it all.

Share with us what you love about Anna Maria Horner!

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