Friday, July 14, 2017

The Artist UnSEWn Series presents Floral Waterfall by Shannon Newlin

Floral Waterfall by Shannon Newlin

Floral Waterfall is my very first fabric collection with FreeSpirit .  I am thrilled and honored to be able to say “Hi!”  here from the blog and share a little bit about myself and this new collection.

My Artist Journey
I love painting, and I’m slightly obsessed with creating patterns and unique color combinations. I am particularly influenced by the beauty found in nature and flowers.   My inspiration for Floral Waterfall began with what I could find easily.  I enjoy taking mini strolls in the backyard or long hikes outdoors. I tend to collect leaves, petals and sticks and bring them back to the studio to play with.  Here is a little photo of random things I collected in my yard along side a photo of a beautiful tree taken during a walk.
The dark leaves near the bottom of the leaf collage look almost like a butterfly!   It’s these type of gentle shapes and colors that inspire me to sit down and create something.

Pattern Play
In creating Floral Waterfall I wanted to play against a very detailed floral pattern as well as a print with more breadth and openness such as in these 2 different designs…

On some days I just love working close up with very tiny details that go on and on; and on others, I find joy painting loosely as on the right. In either case, I never sketch things out…I just let my gathered findings along with my visual memory of my walks guide my paintbrush. 

Creativity Together

I am really looking forward to the next magical step in this creative journey which is YOU!! Now, I get to see all the goodness that can be created from Floral Waterfall.  I truly look forward to what quilt, clothing, craft project or special item you create.  What will YOU make?  I can’t wait to see! 
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